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Welsh phrases


  • “I’ll be there now in a minute”
  • “Cwtch?”
  • “Uch a fi”
  • “The other day” (Could have been a year ago)
  • “Boy bach”
  • “Alright mun!”
  • “Aw bless”

There’s loads more but can’t think! Reblog and add your own if you got more :)

Cwtch is officially the best Welsh word ever!

  • "Twp"
  • "Bachgen Drwg"
  • "Rydw i’n hoffi coffi"

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    Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to be offensive! I was just wondering. Thanks for explaining though, it does actually seem...
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    how do you speak any language? the letters have a pronunciation. “twp,” for example, is pronounced something like...
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    I thought all British said “I’ll be there (now) in a minute”, “The other day” and “Aww bless”? 'Cos I do, and I'm from...
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    'Twp' is like 'toop' but with an emphasis on making the 'oo' sound like a 'uh' 'Bachgen' is Bach (like the composer) and...
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    have I already reblogged this? I feel I have. "Iechyd da!" "Pob lwc!" "Sori!" "Twll dîn pob Sais!" (but you didn’t hear...
  6. yo-misterwhite said: Oh my god I’ve just moved to Wales so these are relevant to my interests. I’ve noticed Welsh people say “Well done”, even when you haven’t done anything to warrant praise, like just going to the shops or something.